Stuff that happened today (yesterday?)…

April 8, 2003

Stuff that happened today (yesterday?)…

Heat Transfer exam, for which I studied not at all. Got it graded that same period, since our hippie professor doesn’t like giving exams and, instead, has the most insane system ever. Before an exam, the class is split randomly into a few groups, each of which writes an exam and hands it in. Then when the exam period rolls around, each group is given copies of another group’s exam, which they then proceed to take. Groups grade the exams they wrote, most everybody gets an awesome grade, and everybody’s happy, if slightly bewildered.

Since I have no credit history and don’t want to pay a $400 security deposit, no cellphone for me for the moment. Will rectify somehow.

Saw school’s play: Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin. Funnier than I anticipated, plus simply a better play than I anticipated. Not to mention better acting, A/V, and stage than I anticipated… All in all, worth the price of admission ($0). A bargain at twice the price!

Trigger Happy TV is the funniest show ever. I’ve seen a lot of shitty hidden-camera TV shows in my day, and I’m happy to say that this hidden-camera TV show isn’t shitty in the least. The stuff they do is genuinely funny (often hysterical), occasionally thought-provoking, and always well-executed. Plus there’s no downtime, it’s just one gag after another; it’s the comedy equivalent of an all-cumshot porno.

So there you have it; A-B-C-D-P-G-C.

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