As I was sitting on

May 7, 2003

As I was sitting on the fourth floor of the Engineering Building today, trimming the corners off of two duplicate copies of a preliminary lab report and pasting them into a notebook, it dawned on me just how fucking demeaning and degrading the past few semesters have been.

I mean, having Grossman and Lam in all their unable-to-teach glory is one thing, but realizing that I’ve spent a decent amount of my junior year doing kindergarten-level cutting-and-pasting work — and realizing that this kindergarten-level work has been some of the most productive and satisfying work I’ve done — really gives me something to think about.

Fuck, before this year the last time I handled a glue stick had to be at least 12 years ago. Look at me now, gluing shit into a notebook every three weeks. Don’t I deserve a gold star?

In other news… Thermo take-home final is basically done, all that remains is to copy it over neatly. Two things in particular about this exam horrify me:

  • First, that I started it this past week-end, days before it was due. That’s not my M.O. at all. Maybe I’m sick.
  • Also, that the first two of the three problems were simple and straightforward enough to be questions from last semester’s midterm. Is this a junior-level Advanced Thermodynamics class or just some big joke? I suppose I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth but I can’t shake the feeling that there’s some kind of poison needle stuck in this that I’ll notice down the road a ways.

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