To begin, I present a

June 13, 2003

To begin, I present a few observations.

First among them is that it’s probably not very good that I’ve pulled four ‘all-nighters’ in the past week and a half in vain attempts to reset my sleep cycle to something approaching sanity. The way it’s supposed to work is like this: you woke up way too late to accomplish anything or to be tired enough to go to sleep at anything approaching a reasonable hour. OK, no biggie, you just stay up until a reasonable hour tomorrow, by which point you’ll be hella tired and have an easy time falling asleep. Then you just sleep for a bit and wake up at a reasonable hour and presto, you’re back to a good regular cycle. Unfortunately, I think I’ve accidentally turned my sleep cycle into the worst possible thing ever: regular sleep (at godawful times) interspersed with all-nighters at frequent intervals. Fcuk.

In other news, I recently discovered the wonders of the Family Guy drinking game, which works thusly: each player chooses (or is assigned) one (or more) characters on the show. Every time his character(s) speak a line, he drinks. Having partaken of this game while watching “I Never Met the Dead Man” and drinking for Brian and Lois (splitting Lois with the Cos), I made the following discovery: this game keeps you drunk. I’d have said it “gets you drunk” if not for the fact that I can’t vouch for the validity of that statement, seeing as I began the game after staying up 30 hours (see above) and consuming 3 pints and a six-pack. Further testing is necessary.


  • Lynn says:

    yo, why can't i add comments to the latest entry? anyway, you're sooo lucky!! canada, mexico, alehouse!!! *grumbles*
    meanwhile, i'm usually stuck in new jersey all day…=PPP

  • Me says:

    Thanks for posting — you should be able to add comments to the latest entries now.
    But you should be aware that canada, mexico, alehouse all end up costing a lot of money, while I'm sure being stuck in NJ with ConEd all day ends up making you a lot of money. ;) There's an upside and a downside to everything, you know. ;)

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