I’m not quite sure how

June 26, 2003

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but last night somehow a commercial for the DVD of Kangaroo Jack spawned an hours-long heated argument that covered topics as varied as magical orphans, the strength of five gorillas, the infallibility of the pope, and the acts of the apostles. During the course of this discussion, such references as dictionary.com, the Catholic Encyclopedia, two copies of the Holy Bible, some kind of general religious reference text, and our good friend liquid bread were consulted.

Personally, I suspect the hand of Yuengling, otherwise a fine beer, in instigating this matter somehow. Or perhaps the Auff is to blame.

I was able, thankfully, to eventually turn the ensuing heated debate of useless catholic dogma and other assorted bullshit into a heated debate of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Walking home, though, that somehow turned into an even more heated debate on automatic transmissions and their failure.

Damn, I haven’t even begun talking about yesterday’s other occurrences, like the orgy of nerding that took place in the CUCC, or the hilarious condition of the loading dock afterwards, and Hak’s comm seminar. Whatever, I do what I want.

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