Back from Mexico. Perhaps some

July 15, 2003

Back from Mexico. Perhaps some commentary on that will follow eventually. Also back from LIELS. Aren’t I a bit young to be feeling as old as I did there? Little kids running around with responsibilities and priveleges; it really felt awkward. Now for some signs I’ve noticed that I’m becoming an old man:

  • I marvel at how children have grown, and occasionally inform them that I knew them when they were “only this tall.” Then they look at me the way they might look at a particularly dusty septuagenarian who was incapable of locomotion without a walker.
  • While in Mexico, a political entity that currently exists, a few times I noticed striking resemblances between it and the Soviet Union, a political entity that has not existed in years.
  • The NES is 20 years old today. Did you know that there are children around today who may have never had a chance to play a Nintendo game? The very thought makes me want to fire off a bitter, longwinded letter to the editor, after I sit in my rocking chair for a spell.
  • It’s been about 4 years since Radiohead’s Animal Accessory was released. And it’s been about 10 years since Radiohead’s Pablo Honey was released.
  • I remember what Ecto Cooler tastes like.
  • I’ve been going to work semi-regularly lately, and happy hour at the Alehouse even more regularly lately.
  • I’ve played every incarnation of Nintendo’s Game Boy.
  • I’ve been kept up at night sometimes by the harrowing realization that I might, deep down, actually give a crap about something. ::shudder::

Anything else anybody can name? I’m sure my incipient Alzheimer’s has made me forg

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