Apparently comments weren’t working on

July 16, 2003

Apparently comments weren’t working on my recent posts (thanks Lynn for pointing that out!); everything should now be peachy-keen and kosher. Props to the good folks at Blogkomm for noticing the problem with their comment system and Blogger‘s recently-updated blogging system, and releasing a fix for it pronto.

In other news, I noticed more evidence of my age yesterday, as I was going home… I’m at the point in my life where, while at the train station, I can bump into highschool classmates I haven’t seen in years, and we get to reminisce about old times and catch up with regard to recent times. I don’t mind the experience when it happens, but it’s still very eerie that high school is that far behind me.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that most of the athletes in whatever NCAA title game may be played at a given moment are probably younger than I am. Thankfully, Playboy playmates are still generally older than I am, for the moment.


  • Lynn says:

    unreliable comment boxes.. that's what you get for not joining xanga.. haha

  • Me says:

    Unreliable comment boxes vs no ads and complete control over every aspect of my blog… sounds like a fair trade in my book. I like being able to put in random quotes from FFTactics too much to be concerned about the occasional snafu with my comment system. ;)

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