More reviews, kiddos! Mentions in

July 24, 2003

More reviews, kiddos!

Mentions in the blogs of absolute strangers: Pretty cool.

Anybody in a shirt that reads YOU’RE SO OFF MY BUDDY LIST: Keep away, friend! See below.

Fat bitches who bring drama: Fucking Pains In The Ass. Their friends might possibly not suck, other than for guilt by association.

Keith van Horn being traded: Better than I thought. Nobody was decapitated!

The electoral process in Apt. 1A: Awesome. Though elected King, I was also granted roles in the legislature and Supreme Court. Take that, peons!

Next Monday Sunday: Better fucking be great, if all yous know what’s good for yous. That includes those of you whom I have no reason to accuse of reading this shitty blog with any regularity. It also excludes some of you who do read this shitty blog with any regularity. Them’s the breaks!

Honky Tonk Woman: Best song on Hot Rocks.икони

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