For. Nor. Or. Thor. Tor.

July 26, 2003

For. Nor. Or. Thor. Tor. War. Abhor. Señor. Cuspidor. Dinosaur. Ecuador. Guarantor. Labrador. Matador. Metaphor. Meteor. Minotaur. Picador. Salvador. Troubadour. Ichthyosaur. Toreador.

Boar. Boer. Bore. Chore. Core. Corps. Door. Floor. Fore. Frore. Four. Gore. Hoar. Lore. More. Oar. O’er. Ore. Pore. Pour. Roar. Score. Shore. Swore. Soar. Sore. Store. Swore. Tore. Whore. Wore. Yore.

Adore. Afore. Ashore. Before. Claymore. Deplore. Encore. Explore. Folklore. Footsore. Forbore. Forswore. Galore. Heartsore. Ignore. Implore. Restore. Albacore. Battledore. Baltimore. Commodore. Evermore. Furthermore. Hellebore. Heretofore. Nevermore. Pinafore. Sagamore. Semaphore. Singapore. Sophomore. Stevedore. Sycamore.

Underscore Gantrithor.ikoni

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