ScanFest last weekend was pretty

September 2, 2003

ScanFest last weekend was pretty cool. I picked up a sweet pussnuga, a Saku hat, some nice pictures, and a decent hangover. The dancing went smoothly, Oldy McGee wasn’t too annoying, the weather was beautiful, and the selection of people around was generally satisfactory. Overall, on a scale from ‘3’ to ‘serpentine’, this year’s ScanFest gets a solid ‘46.3’.

In other news, school began anew today. Kutt was his usual well-prepared, clear, methodical self, and even managed to inject a little humour into today’s lecture. How queer.

Speaking of which, I also had Abbott’s class today. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out he was gay. Know what tipped me off? The first thing he said to the class today was, “I’ve been openly gay since I was 23.” The class seems interesting enough, though. The concept of uniting artists and engineers in a design class could work out really well, but look at these excerpts from the syllabus:

Together we will write a book on how to throw a dance party…
The class project will be to create a sonic/visual environment for dancing…
This overall design will be realized in a 24-hour dance-a-thon in the Wollman Lounge towards the end of the term.

What am I getting myself into?

Song of the Moment: “It Came From the Ground” — Badly Drawn Boy

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  • Arne says:

    Saku is America's best Estonian beer… the beer here comes in more varities, most as good or better than the varieties of Saku available abroad (in the US)

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