So there I was, listening

September 27, 2003

So there I was, listening to versions of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and Rufus Wainwright, when I realised that my favourite version to date was performed by Matt Pillion. Funny how the world works sometimes, ain’t it?

Also, let’s hope the film I saw today, Afghan Massacre, was a steaming pile of malarkey, and that no US troops are, were, in fact, complicit in the killings of a good 4000 Afghani prisoners-of-war.

Song of the Moment: Piano Sonata #15, 2nd movement ‘Andante’ — Beethoven


  • Punamütsike says:

    oh? he sings well. but when’d he sing «hallelujah»? …that song is beautiful.

  • Punamütsike says:

    oh by the way, your blog’s exploding, again, right when i get to the point where the tooltipped «the door» is at the bottom edge of my screen.

  • P-Mack says:

    Well, I did a little preliminary investigation, and the filmmaker has admitted not having actual evidence beyond a handful of witnesses. Warlord Rashid Dostum puts the number of Taliban deaths under his custody at about 250 (from illness or suffocation), a number agreed upon by a journalist who was actually there. Physicians for Human Rights has investigated some of the grave sites in the area. Most dated from years before the American intervention. One site may contain bodies from Taliban captured in the fall of Mazar, but this has not been confirmed. So anyway, the evidence seems to suggest that charges of American involvement are groundless, and allegations of mistreatment of prisoners by Dostum’s forces are grounded but exaggerated.

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