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October 3, 2003

From the making-nerds-look-extra-creepy department: Next time you make fun of Aaliyah and her starring role in Queen of the Damned, please don’t mock her in front of the kind of idiot who will kill you for insulting Akasha. The kind of idiot I’m referring to is also the kind of idiot who will vow to kill again and sign his name in blood on letters to himself. By the way, after this idiot kills you for making fun of a fictional character portrayed by a dead actress, he’ll drink your blood and hide your corpse.

The smacktard who does all this will laugh at the 25-year prison sentence he has to look forward to, claiming that he’s immortal and vampiric and crap, from having drunk your blood. However, seeing as daylight appears to have had no deleterious effects on him, it’s you who will have the last laugh. Assuming you’re capable of laughing while in a pine box in the ground, that is. Also, assuming that you find your killer’s death amusing for some reason.

From the in-other-news department, those of you who want to see some pictures from this year’s Scanfest can just mosey over to’s coverage.

Song of the Moment: «Lost On Yer Merry Way» — Grandaddy


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