Sometimes when I’m feeling completely

November 6, 2003

Sometimes when I’m feeling completely idiotic and worthless, I like to walk around randomly through the streets of New York, slowly getting soaked by the drizzle and smoking a clove. See, smoking in front of the anonymous throng of strangers populating this great metropolis is vastly preferable to smoking around people I know, since those strangers don’t know that I don’t smoke. Those strangers, therefore, treat me with just the regular level of righteous indignation afforded every smoker, and not with the extra twinge of disappointment I’d otherwise get for being a fucking sellout hypocrite loser.

Anyway, I managed to fuck even that up today, by accidentally meandering right past a friend’s apartment and bumping into him on the street, clove in mouth. Ah well. Such is life, I suppose.

I was asked an interesting question today: can I even really consider myself a student at this point? I maintain that I can (class attendance rates and the amount of work I do notwithstanding), but it’s something to think about. In other news, I think I’ll be skipping my humanities class tonight. It’s not that bad, though, since I’ll be going to a school-sponsored and school-hosted literary event where I’ll see «New York’s finest actors read great short stories».

Song of the Moment: «As Serious As Your Life» — Four Tet


  • Punamütsike says:

    enjoy my story.

    tell liina i said «hi.»
  • Liina says:

    Well Mart, we’re certainly going to smoke some cloves this weekend, and you can do it as much as you want (except in bars; that’s now prohibited in Boston). Cause even though I’m your friend, I’m also a clove smoking buddy. ;) See you soon!

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