Jesus, I just saw a

November 12, 2003

Jesus, I just saw a guy order salt and vinegar on his french fries. Live long enough and you see everything, I suppose. I’ve heard of salt&vinegar potato chips, and I suppose I’ve become resigned to the fact that some people are broken enough to enjoy them, but I’d never seen anybody order salt and vinegar on his Pommes Frites before. Damn Brits, making life worth living with their delightfully depressing and mopey music, then making life horrible again by making people contemplate salt and vinegar fries. Ugh. I get shivers just thinking about it.

In other news, my manufacturing midterm today could have gone better, but would have gone worse in a just universe. Perhaps I should be grateful, but I refuse to be. The fact that I learned more of the information covered on the test from investment-casting industry promotional videotapes than I did from my professor or the textbook tends to sadden me, for some reason.

Song of the Moment: «Spiders» — System of a Down


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