Is there no justice in

November 17, 2003

Is there no justice in the world? Is there, after all, only mung? This cinematic abortion is making baby Jesus cry his messianic eyes out.

What’s making me cry my messianic eyes out, though, (aside from the usual) are the videos I downloaded from the internet today. They were obscene, all right, and pornographic to boot, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. Nope, no naïve freelance babysitters with heaving bosoms or oiled-up hirsute muffler repairmen to be seen in these videos, and thankfully no livestock or pregnant amputee midgets either. Just good old-fashioned people better than me at videogames. I had no idea such things were possible in SMB1 as I saw in ‘Crazygodtechnique.avi’, and the collection of SMB3 ‘Amazing Play-Through’ videos has brought me to a whole new previously unexplored plateau of inadequacy (and Chee-Tos). To think I was content at MAGfest merely to be one of the players who beat SMB3, using warp whistles no less. We may have beaten Bowser, but we didn’t have style, class, or cachet.

Song of the Moment: «Know Yer Onion!» — The Shins


  • Pirika says:

    Did you just define a French word using ANOTHER French word?

  • Me says:

    The only even arguably French word I used in that post was ‘naïve‘, which I didn’t define at all. If you’re referring to ‘cachet’ and ‘panache’, though, I regret to inform you that they’re both English words.

  • Laurel Damashek says:

    Mart, your rollover infotag thingies don’t work in Safari. How am I ever supposed to find out what usually makes you cry your messianic eyes out?

  • Laurel says:

    Crap, can you delete my email address from that last post so the spam spiders don’t pounce on it? Damn forms autofill.

  • Pirika says:

    D’oh. Are you sure they’re not French words that are now PART of the English language?

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