2 days till the big

November 26, 2003

2 days till the big 21.

1 day till the big… um… cornucopia, I guess.

0 days till I write this.

6 days till the big management paper.

8 days till the big decadence paper.

8 days till the big aerodynamics project.

5 days since the big sound&space project. OH SHI

Song of the Moment: «Breaking the Law» — Pansy Division


  • Arne says:

    That’s funny; on your 21st birthday, I’m going to be taking a tour of the A le Coq beer factory! Mmmm, free samples…

  • T says:

    Happy 21 there. Much luv!

  • Arne says:

    Damn thanksgiving hangover is making me question how wise a trip to the beer factory is right now… although by now you’re probably standing in a puddle of vomit, cursing the 2am closing time of the bar you were just thrown out of, and doing it all legally! Being 21 is awesome!

  • Arne says:

    I was a fool to doubt going to the beer factory… a FOOL!!!

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