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November 30, 2003

What have I learned recently?

  • Drumming is fun as all hell
  • Drumming is also rather tricky
  • Being 21 really doesn’t change things much
  • It was a mistake to put off watching The Big Lebowski for so long
  • It was a mistake to put off that standing offer of free studio time for so long
  • Fortuitous mistakes in the studio can work out really well
  • There’s more than one Uno’s near New Brunswick
  • Time spent raking leaves is time well spent
  • Flight attendants who also happen to be the children of diplomats tend to be remarkably well traveled
  • At the risk of sounding like an after-school special, family and friends are kickin’ rad
  • Trains are sometimes free of charge near Thanksgiving
  • Turkey soup, turkey lasagna, &c.: the days after Thanksgiving are kickin’ rad
  • Synaesthesia is kickin’ rad
  • Badly Wooden Head can write an awesome bassline
  • Go to a bar on your 21st birthday and you might get a free T-shirt out of the deal
  • It’s a fucking pain in the ass to pick a name for yourself
  • Once you’ve recorded something, your immediate reaction is to force as many people as possible to listen to it.

With that in mind:

Song of the Moment: «Everything» — some jerk and Badly Wooden Head


  • reminds me of my list. …sans the alcohol and teenage insanity.

    good song. good stuff.
  • Laurel says:

    Is your comment that synaesthesia is kickin’ rad based on the book with which you may or may not have absconded from my house?

  • Arne says:

    You know how many times people came into my Unos, only to realize they had gone to the wrong one? a lot

  • Me says:

    Laurel: Yes it is, indirectly. I have the book to thank for the conversation I have your father to thank for. And even though I just wrote ‘I have the book’ I actually don’t have it.

    Arne: Yeah, the manager at the wrong Uno’s was not surprised in the least when we established we’d come to the wrong place. He was really helpful with directions and everything, too. Come to think of it, the first hint should have been when the response to Liina’s question about where Tai’s section was consisted of ‘Huh?’. Ah well; such is life.

  • Kalev says:

    Great song, and i can appreciate it a lot more since I now have a better idea of how frickin hard the recording process is. But you’re right that drumming is fun as hell and yet there’s stil la shortage of drummers in the world *sigh* =)

  • Italiana says:

    Aw, I miss normal Thanksgiving leftovers! We did have some amazing turkey on Thanksgiving…but no leftovers though :-(.

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