I didn’t know whether I

December 2, 2003

I didn’t know whether I should be furious or ecstatic, so I just decided to settle on being bewildered. See, I had this management paper due earlier today, and I just couldn’t get myself motivated to work on it, so I only had a quarter of it done by the time that the time of 6:00 PM rolled around and it became time for me to go to class and hand it in. I trudged off to school like some kind of moping, disappointed Sad Sack, disgusted with myself for resigning myself to asking for what would soon be the first extension I’d asked for in my life. Lo and behold, however, it seems that Fate had a different plan in mind, for I soon discovered that my professor had had to cancel all of his classes for the day. For some inscrutable reason, I see that my deadline has been extended for a week without my even having to ask for it. Perhaps I should have been grateful for having been given a break, but I’m pretty angry with the world for giving me this positive Karma I’ve done nothing to earn. When the other shoe drops (which it must, eventually, right?), it’ll just land that much harder now.

The truly bewildering thing that happened to me tonight, though, was the ridiculous quality of service that I got from my local Circuit City. See, a few years ago, when I’d just gotten cable internet set up in my apartment, I walked over to my local Circuit City and shelled out some money for a Linksys router, so’s my flatmate and I could ruin our lives and destroy our minds at the same time. Fast-forward to last week, when the router mysteriously stopped working and no amount of powercycling would coax it back to life. I put off doing anything about it until today, when I mysteriously had an unscheduled block of free time appear at 6:00 (see above) and decided to go to my local Circuit City and try to exchange my broken router for a new one, hoping they wouldn’t hassle me. Twenty minutes later, I was stumbling out of my local Circuit City in a confused daze, with a new router, a gift card worth $18.48, and a promise that a check for the pro-rated worth of the warranty on the old router was on its way. You can bet I’ll talk about this experience in my management paper, if I ever get around to writing it: Circuit City created a customer out of me with their exemplary service. They said ‘no hassles’, and they meant it!

Song of the Moment: «Rocket Man» — William Shatner
You know, as much as I like that song right now, I still have to go with…

Song of the Moment: «Everything» — Some Jerk featuring Badly Wooden Head
A big ‘thank you’ to everybody who’s said nice things about this song!


  • bravo! my latest computer-related fiasco: ran out of ink, local store out of necessary cartridge. said they’d been out of those for three weeks. well goddamn, there goes my chem project…

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  • Arne says:

    There is no Karma in situations like this; you must resign yourself to the fact that yes, you are indeed what I like to call “school invincible”… happened to me once when I slept through a midterm and then found out it had been cancelled… and nothing bad ever happen…OH GOD MY LIFE IS HELL!

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