The previous entry notwithstanding, I

January 4, 2004

The previous entry notwithstanding, I had my keys all along. It turns out I was just a fool like that.

To those of you who embarked on wild goose chases at my behest, I thank you heartily.

What else is there to say?

Doves lyrics notwithstanding, words can be quite fucking awful, much worse than the sticks and stones they are so often compared to. Sticks &c can at least put you out of whatever misery they put you through, if the wielder has the patience to continue wielding. Words, on the other hand, even the kindest and most sincere, can’t ever erase the sting of a properly chosen set of previous words, thanks to the gift of memory. Why is it that the most hurtful words are usually ones that the speaker tosses out flippantly because he has absolutely no conception that they could possibly hurt anyone? Beulah has the right idea.

I can’t decide whether it’s sillier that your state of mind, behaviour, and life can be changed by idiosyncratic temporal arrangements of pressure perturbations localized at the eardrum or that they can be changed just as much by minor changes in brain chemistry. How free can your will be when it can be so easily influenced for better or worse?

The world needs a superhero whose special power consists of being able to drive anybody to suicide by telling them exactly what they least want to hear. He could team up with the superhero whose power is to know which fetuses will grow up to be evildoers, so the two of them would form the world’s most vilified and underappreciated force for good and justice.

Song of the Moment: «Don’t Forget to Breathe» — Beulah


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