Wow, this was a very

January 9, 2004

Wow, this was a very strange set of interactions just now:

  1. 1/9 12:12am
    MESSAGE from 26-5060
    REDACTED: (using AOL IM)
    not much, im watchin the ring in my room, ive been throwing up and shittin all day-feel better now-just weak
    (You can reply)

    Ok, I say to myself, just a random text message via AIM somebody mistakenly sent to my phone. Kind of funny, but I’ll just ignore it.

  2. 1/9 12:15am
    MESSAGE from 26-5060
    REDACTED: (using AOL IM)
    what you doin tonight?
    (You can reply)

    Ok, I say to myself, now I have to IM my new friend REDACTED and inform him of this mistaken identity, so he stops sending me updates on his influenza or whatever.

  3. narrator: hey, i just got a text message from you – sorry to hear about the throwing up and shitting, but i have no idea who you are
    narrator: you must have sent it to the wrong phone number
    REDACTED: yeah i just realized it..haha sorry
    narrator: haha, it’s no problem
    narrator: take it easy
    REDACTED: you too
    narrator: feel better
    REDACTED: thanks

    Slightly funny, I thought. Maybe you’re different. Also, note that while ‘narrator’ and ‘REDACTED’ may, in fact, be actual AIM usernames, they’re simply being used as pseudonyms above.


  • laurel says:

    What kind of world IS this?

  • Matt says:

    I don’t know if you have gotten any more of those messages, but i got three of them today – all from the same AOL IM id number as the one you listed above. I’m not sure if it was the same Username, since you didn’t use the real one in your post, but i am betting it is. All of them came on my cell phone, and I don’t even have IM at all. I am going to contact AOL and file a complaint.

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