Hey, Stupido Shop: I think

January 31, 2004

Hey, Stupido Shop:

I think I love you. For serious. Not only do you actually stock albums by CMX and Kashmir, unlike any store in the USA, but you evidently ship worldwide, and promptly too. I’ve had to wait longer for merchants from the Amazon.com Marketplace to send me textbooks from one state over than I did for you guys to send those CDs I ordered halfway around the world. They got here less than a week after I ordered them! I seriously hadn’t even started waiting for them to arrive yet, since I figured they couldn’t arrive for another week at least.

My one regret is that I decided to place my order when the dollar was at an all-time low against the euro. Ah well, such is life, and this regret is in no way even remotely the fault of the good people at Stupido.

Thanks again, guys.

While I’m thanking people and entities, I’ll thank internet filesharing on behalf of myself and the artists mentioned above. There is no way in hell I’d have ever heard of these undeniably awesome Danish and Finnish bands if some Danes and Finns hadn’t put mp3s of their work up on the intarweb for other people to download. And if I hadn’t heard of them, I obviously couldn’t very well buy their music.

For the sake of completeness, I’m also thanking CMX and Kashmir for their work.

Song of the Moment: «Tämän Runon Tahtoisin Unohtaa» — CMX


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