seems to have a

February 17, 2004 seems to have a slight problem with dates.

Song of the Moment: «Don’t Forget to Breathe» — Beulah


  • Arne says:

    maybe you were ordering a time machine?

  • Me says:

    No, I was ordering Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVDs, which I don’t think come with a time machine. But if they do come with a time machine, they’re even cooler!

  • Hilleviin says:

    yay for aqua teen hunger force! one of these days i’ll get you to watch my dvd of UCB episodes.

  • that’s insane. what were you ordering? or was it you ordering?

  • Laurel says:

    I think you should link to my livejournal, unless you consider it unsuitable reading matter.

  • Me says:

    Sorry, Laurel, my omission has been rectified. I’ve just grown so used to using the livejournal ‘friends’ view for browsing livejournals that I’ve been neglecting those ‘Reading Matter’ links, which are only there for my own benefit anyway. Any use that others get out of them is ancillary.

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