Last night I had several

March 1, 2004

Last night I had several dreams, but one in particular stood out and stayed with me after I awoke. In the dream, I had gone to a party at a friend’s house and stayed the night. The next morning, I couldn’t find my special class ring. I searched high and low, and accused all the other partygoers of horrible theft, but my search and my inquest were both equally fruitless. Everybody who was there was concerned and helpful at first, but grew exasperated and indifferent as I became an angrier and more pushy jackass with each successive wasted minute of my futile pursuit.

Then, in the dream, a sudden realization stopped me in my tracks like the Enola Gay stopping this wristwatch: I had dreamed the ring. The ring was a fiction created by my drunken mind the night before, and I had awoken from the dream within a dream, and been unable to explain why it was not on my finger, where I distinctly remembered placing it.

Immediately upon coming to the conclusion that I had been dreaming, I awoke, glanced over at the class ring sitting stoically on my shelf, and fell back asleep.

Song of the Moment: «Do You Believe Her?» — The Raveonettes


  • Laurel says:

    Well, I dreamed that I was performing “Clementine” in German for a whole assortment of Easter guests, and that my mom had draped the entire house in whimsically patterned Marimekko fabric. Actually, only the first part of that is bizarre.

  • hey, at least you didn’t dream you were a gay mermaid—who then turned into a young girl modelling at a shopping mall. who then saw an entire section of eesti goods on sale at a department store in said mall.

  • zot says:

    that’s fucked up, dude

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