Apparently nothing all that bad

March 8, 2004

Apparently nothing all that bad came from my decision to rip some 30 of my CDs to --aps VBR MP3s last night instead of studying for the Space Dynamics midterm I had today. I’d have probably fared even better if I hadn’t stayed up procrastinating for the 26 hours immediately prior to the exam, but all things considered it went pretty well.

EAC does an astonishingly good job of ripping music from woefully mistreated CDs, even CDs that have been scratched and abused to the extent that they’re no longer opaque throughout, meaning that they have undergone significant and irreparable data loss. It’s no exaggeration to say my mind is boggled by just how skilled this program is. Plus it’s free!

Liina: thanks again for that WHFS Just Passin’ Thru CD. Although it just sat around for a few years without being fully appreciated, today I realized just how good it is. Hell, it even has everybody’s favourite lead singer of the Lemonheads acoustically covering everybody’s favourite alliteratively-named insane drunken country musician.

Song of the Moment: «The Streets of Baltimore» — Evan Dando


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