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March 23, 2004

It looks like Arne doesn’t know what words mean. He is convinced that I was accusing him of not having heard Comfort Eagle, despite the fact that I felt I made it fairly clear that I’d heard it before while I was accusing him of falling into the same trap I did in the previous entry.

He mentions that most of the album is unremarkable, as evidenced by the fact that he can’t remember more than one song from it. This same unremarkableness, and its accompanying homogeneity, is what leapt out at me and stuck in my mind. Cake used to be remarkable for just how remarkable they were. Unfortunately, I’m now officially sick of this topic of conversation. Rather, I will be as soon as I’m through typing the following:

Weezer’s Weezer [Green], despite tragically failing to live up to the precedent set by, for example, Pinkerton, is by no stretch of the imagination anywhere near as mediocre as Comfort Eagle. Its failures are awfuler, but its successes — particularly the duo of “Crab” and “Knock-Down Drag-Out” — are definitely on a par with the best of other Weezer work.


Song of the Moment: «Knock-Down Drag-Out» — Weezer


  • Hille says:

    pah! homogeneity is a trait that is caused by more than one gene… not whatever the hell you’re using it as. i mock your diction.

  • Mart says:

    Bah! That’s certainly one sense of homogeneity, but homogeneity is also, more generally, defined as follows:

    n 1: the quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature; “there is a remarkable homogeneity between the two companies” [syn: homogeneousness] [ant: heterogeneity] 2: the quality of being of uniform throughout in composition or structure

    I mock your inability to realize that words that have very specific meanings in particular scientific fields can be used in different fashions in regular discourse.

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