Uncomfortable Eagle

March 23, 2004

I tried once before to like Cake’s Comfort Eagle, and I just tried again, but it still just strikes me as a soulless, repetitious, pale imitation of the essence that made Fashion Nugget and Prolonging the Magic such absolute gems. Even the lyrics, which were always delightful in their absurdity, now seem absolutely cloying. Rhyming “typewriter” with “prizefighter”? Maybe it would have worked if — wait, no, it still wouldn’t have.

A few of the songs — “Commissioning a Symphony in C” and “Long Line of Cars” in particular — remind me why I liked Cake’s previous work so much. This whole album, therefore, acts like nothing so much as an effective advertisement for its predecessors — the unremarkable songs that constitute most of it make me desperately want to hear Cake songs I like so I can get back to liking the band, while the good songs and their slight imperfections make me even more nostalgic for Cake done right.

Song of the Moment: «Let Me Go» — Cake


  • fashion nugget!! wooooooooooooooooooooo!

    yes, that shit was the fertilizer to my growth.

  • Arne says:

    To me, the actual song “Comfort Eagle” is awesome. Like one of the “Jock Jams” it continues to inspire me to go raise hell in any one of the various cafes stationed here in Tartu. This might actually be why I had to delete it. A good song, nonetheless.

  • Hille says:

    I love “long line of cars,” in addition to “world of two” and i think a few others. it’s been a long time since i’ve listened to that cd. say mart, why doesn’t movtype work for me? it keeps giving me a 404.

  • Me says:

    Yeah, “World of Two” is a nice enough song. “Comfort Eagle” was pretty awesome when Cake played it live, but I don’t like it very much on the album.

    Hille: use mt.badlydigital.com instead. Arne did some rearranging of stuff.

  • Arne says:

    Hille is using movable type now? Sorry, I “cleaned house” on our server today… mt was originally supposed to be the right address, but when I set it up, the script to add subdomains was broken, so I had to workaround it using movtype… I just never got around to correcting it until today…

  • Mart says:

    Yeah, Hille’s the co-organizer of SPITESTO so I made her a movable type account. I’d been using movtype before now because every time I’d tried using mt. before it was borked, but then today I see mt is working like it should.

  • Uncomfortable Eagle, Eh?

    Kablammo! Frankly, Mart’s determination to put down Comfort Eagle has made me get it again……

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