Life’s Little Victories

April 6, 2004

Today saw a lot of small things go very well. I went to bed last night intending to wake up early this morning and get some work done before class. Normally, the very notion of me even accomplishing the simple task of getting out of bed before class has begun is completely laughable in its absurdity. And yet, when my alarm went off at 8:30, I was out of bed and awake within an hour. (Yes, that qualifies as a triumph.)

Since I was awake on time, I assumed I would proceed to waste all of the time I had before class by reading or watching useless crap on the internet, stuff like this and this. I was therefore quite amazed to discover that I only wasted half an hour in such a fashion, after which I actually worked on an essay for my class this morning. I didn’t finish it, but I had enough written to be satisfactory for my purposes today. Go figure.

I was sure that my decision to eat a nice leisurely lunch, waste more time on the internet, and play guitar between classes today instead of studying for the exam I had scheduled for this afternoon would come back to haunt me. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that class and the exam had been cancelled, giving me another week to put off studying.

Then, when I went to mail some bills, it turned out I had the exact number of stamps I needed. Score another one for me; no need to go to the post office yet. I rock.

Add in the beautiful weather, and today was a damn nice day.

Song of the Moment: «Mon Amour» — Xploding Plastix [Video]

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