Roundup and Squaredown

April 17, 2004

So this morning I had class at 9am. On a fucking Saturday. The professor had had to miss a few classes in the past couple of weeks, and wanted to make them up. As it turned out, Saturday morning was the only time this week that everybody was available. Great.

At least the class session went pretty well, all things considered. Of course, instead of going to sleep last night and waking up in the morning I decided to stay up, play guitar, eat ice cream, and read about the Khmer Rouge and rationality instead.

I don’t regret anything, though, if for no other reason than that I started listening to a lot of Crass at 4 in the morning and I realized that they are a really fucking good band. I don’t just like them for their savory blend of furor and pacifism or their frankly astonishing adherence to their founding principles, I legitimately enjoy their music. Imagine, if you will, a combination of Neu! and the Violent Femmes playing short and angry songs sung in a nearly incomprehensible British accent by an angry (and possibly short) man. That’s probably as good a description of their music as any.

Song of the Moment: «Contaminational Power» — CrassПравославни икони


  • Taking into consideration how long it took me to listen to that one Menomena song, I’ll be taking bets on how long it will take me to listen to the Crass song you sent me earlier today.

    Bets start at one dollar and will go from there.

  • Liina says:

    What exactly did you read on the Khmer? I read “Khmer American” last semester for my Children and Culture class; it was really interesting and good.

  • Ebru says:

    Nice to see you’re reading some philosophy!

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