rage fury

April 19, 2004

I can’t decide whether I want to laugh until I cry or just skip the laughter and start weeping. Maybe I could just settle for cold-cocking a few Congressmen.

First, read this description of two bridges scheduled to be built with federal funds thanks to the recent national highway bill:

One, in Ketchikan, would be among the biggest in the United States: a mile long, with a top clearance of 200 feet from the water, 80 feet higher than the Brooklyn Bridge and just 20 feet short of the length of the Golden Gate Bridge. It would connect this economically depressed town of 7,845 people to an island that has about 50 residents and the area’s airport, which offers about six flights a day. It could cost about $200 million.

The other bridge would span an inlet for nearly two miles to tie Anchorage to a port that has a single regular tenant and few homes or businesses. It would cost up to $2 billion.

Then, as it turns out, Congress has risen to a new level of prostitution and pork-barrel riding:

…one of the most complex, special-interest-riddled corporate tax bills in years, lawmakers, Senate aides and tax lobbyists say. The 930-page epic is packed with $170 billion in tax cuts aimed at cruise-ship operators, foreign dog-race gamblers, NASCAR track owners, bow-and-arrow makers and Oldsmobile dealers, to name a few. There is even a $94 million break for a single hotel in Sioux City, Iowa.

Even one of the tax lobbyists involved in drafting it conceded the bill “has risen to a new level of sleaze.”

What happened to fiscal conservatism, Republicans? The only thing worse than a tax-and-spend government is a spend-and-spend government. Not that the Democrats aren’t assholes too. Ugh.

Sorry for the political bullshit, but I’m saddened and angered by this. Dear Congress, congratulations on showing the least bit of restraint, you greedy assclowns. I’ve never been happier to listen to anarcho-pacifistic punk.

Song of the Moment: «You Pay» — Crass

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