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April 23, 2004

Considering that yesterday I ate breakfast, several platefuls of complimentary sandwiches, then a hot and meaty midnight snack, along with drinking an acceptable amount of beer, the last thing I was expecting was to wake up feeling hungry this morning. Hell, the last thing I was expecting was to wake up this morning and not afternoon, but apparently my crazy sleep cycle is still forcing me out of bed at preposterously early hours. 9 AM? WTF.

Anyway, I was surprised to discover that I felt very very hungry when I woke up. It seems like every time I eat copious amounts of food, my body expects just as copious amounts of food the next day. It always takes a week or so of ignoring the noises and hunger pangs my stomach constantly produces before everything settles down and I can get back to my usual schedule of one or two greasy take-out meals a day. Today, for example, dinner consisted of a huge portion of batter-fried haddock with chips. After 10 hours of feeling increasingly hungry (and brushing my teeth 4 or 5 times to try to alleviate the taste of acid in my mouth) I finally caved in to my body’s demands. On a similar note, as I write this I’ve been having to pee for some time now. That’s just another physical urge I suppress when it inconveniences me.

Where the hell is this black stuff on my hands coming from?

You should visit It’s quite amusing. I know of no other site dedicated to such noble tasks as determining the exact amount of filling in a package of Oreos and dressing up like California.

This entry’s Song of the Moment would have been “The Monk at the Disco” by Bobby Bare Jr if his voice weren’t sadly horrible in the recording. Other than that it’s a great song.

Song of the Moment: «Streets of Baltimore» — Gram Parsons

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  • Liina says:

    Can’t say I know “The Monk at the Disco,” but “Streets of Baltimore” is a great song.

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