I’m not dead yet

August 24, 2004

Since you last heard from me, I sat in traffic, got to the airport, went through check-in procedures and such, stood in line for a while, discovered that the seven-letter answer to “Coach seat lack” is not actually “LEGROOM”, found out that Miracle is just as lame and melodramatic as I’d anticipated, learned that the smoking lounge of the international terminal at Helsinki’s airport is one of the most horrifying places in the world, arrived in Tallinn, found out my luggage was still in New York, saw some relatives for a bit, made my way to Tartu, checked into Raatuse 22-440, Tartu 51009, slept for twelve hours, and attended some orientation stuff at Tartu Ăślikool. Then I went to an internet cafe. Pictures will presumably follow as soon as I get my own computer somehow internetized. I hope the airport gives me my bags soon, so I don’t have to wear these clothes for a fourth day.

Song of the Moment: Some song I heard on the radio in Helsinki. I didn’t catch the name but they kept saying ‘We’re renegades’ (NOT renegades of funk).

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