Oma lapselapsele rõõmu muudkui toon

September 15, 2004

So people have been complaining that I don’t update this thing as often as I used to. Fine, bastards. Here’s your update. For what it’s worth, Kablammo!’s recent hiatus kind of bit me in the ass, as evinced by the following picture (henceforth referred to as ‘Prosecution Exhibit 1’):

I heart the internet

Anyway, the word of the past few weeks has been ‘loppasuu’ (as misspelled in a previous entry), as in the sentence “Kaikki suomalaiset ovat loppasuita”. Speaking of Finnish, today was a rather exhausting day, as my Wednesdays are wont to be. Eight hours of classes — with three different languages of instruction — are kind of draining. Especially when I’ve had maybe two good nights of sleep in the past fourteen.

For your pleasure (and since Lunarpages increased my disk quota), today’s entry will be a spectacular multimedia extravaganza. First comes a selection of random images from the past few weeks, then comes a big surprise (sssh, it’s a secret).

I’d have uploaded more (and better) pictures, but Movable Type is complaining. Oh well badly.

Perhaps you’ve gotten accustomed to my customary ‘Song of the Moment’ schtick at the end of every entry. Perhaps you’ve even begun looking forward to it. If so, boy do I ever have a treat for you. It’s been a while since my last SotM, and I’ve been exposed to a large (and, perhaps, unhealthy) amount of new music since then. Without further ado, and in no particular order,

Songs of Recent Moments:

  • «Unchained» — Love Psychedelico
  • «Life Goes On» — Love Psychedelico
  • «Toxic» — Vanilla Ninja
  • «Celine Attendue» — M
  • «Sex Accordeon et Alcool» — Java
  • «Goodbye» — Kemopetrol
  • «Hypno Eyes» — Kemopetrol
  • «Ainomieli» — CMX
  • «Kätketty kukka» — CMX
  • «Hiljaisuuteen» — CMX
  • last, but not etc., «Take Your Love and Shove It» — Joe Pesci


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