Silver never gets golder

May 25, 2005

I knew the “Db” in IMDb was quite extensive, but I never realized just how extensive it was. (Funny how the trivia, goofs, &c. sections for these movies are all nonexistent, though.)

Also interesting to note that evidently some franchises are evidently able to maintain a high-enough level of quality to warrant literally dozens of sequels. Rocky, in comparison, became simply depressing after, say, the third installment; and George Lucas should probably have had his hands broken and his eyes put out after Jedi was completed.

Oh, and this is by a wide margin the awesomest cloud ever:
low cloud cover

Song of the Moment: «The Cemetary» — Architecture in Helsinki


  • Arne says:

    Sorry, man, but this most certainly is the coolest cloud ever:

  • Märt says:

    I still like mine better, but in any case judging from these two pictures it would certainly appear that yesterday a whole bunch of clouds in various parts of the world decided woke up hungover and decided to fly about two miles closer to the ground than normal.

    I guess there must have been a big cloud party on Monday night or something. Maybe it was the end of the cloud semester and all the Finnish clouds were returning to their homeland for the summer?

  • aj says:

    thats not a cloud, it’s cleverly designed camoflauge hiding a goddamn spaceship

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