My love is a lot like yours

August 26, 2005

After having the song half-written for over a year, I was suddenly seized with an urge to record it at least semi-decently. The song, of course, prominently features “chemically derived?” in the chorus, in a nod to both The Flaming Lips and The Unicorns (the latter of which may very well themselves have been making a nod to the former).

While I was doing this, of course, my vasopressin and oxytocin levels had been at abnormally high levels for a few weeks. Coincidence?

Are these feelings chemically derived?


  • Laurel says:

    now according to my neuroscience classes, adrenaline is the dominant neurotransmitter in the early stages of human romantic relationships, and it gradually dies down to have its role taken over by oxytocin, which apparently corresponds to the switch from butterflies-in-the-stomach to “I sure am fond of my mate.” According to what they told us, the adrenaline stage never lasts longer than two years, unless it’s unrequited love. isn’t that interesting?

  • Formula X says:

    Feel younger and have more energy! Natural growth supplement replenishes vasopressin and oxytocin levels. Herbal formula promotes growth! See 4-6 inch improvement in days! May affect songwriting ability.

  • Laurel says:

    Oh, by the way, I like the song too.

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