brief notes

March 20, 2006

Two things:

  1. Manu Chao’s Radio Bemba Sound System would be a damn good candidate for the official album of the vernal equinox. Just saying. And, of course, “La Primavera” from that album would be an extra-good candidate for the official theme song of the vernal equinox.
  2. Finnish and Japanese are related. I can’t prove it, but goddamn it I know it’s true. There’s too many freaky similarities for it to be a concidence, including:
    • ‘k’ particles for turning verbs into questions.
      Finnish: -ko/-kö
      e.g. on (is) becomes onko (is?)
      Japanese: か -ka
      e.g. です desu (is) becomes ですか desuka (is?)
    • ‘n’ suffixes for indicating possession.
      Finnish: -n
      e.g. lääkäri (doctor) becomes lääkärin (doctor’s)
      Japanese: の -no
      e.g. ホチキス hochikisu (stapler) becomes ホチキス の hochikisu no (stapler’s)
    • That reminds me, neither has a definite (or an indefinite) article.
    • They have similar rules for astmevaheldus and the like.

    Obviously there are huge differences in vocabulary and grammar, and one’s writing system was based on Swedish and German while the other’s was based on Chinese. But I’m not talking about that.

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