September 19, 2006
  • Sometimes I get bored or distracted at work and I wish I could play some ADoM.
  • Not that I’m ever actually going to, mind you.
  • Speaking of ADoM, it kind of sucks (for non-chaotics) how Kranf Niest is so much better at teaching the Healing skill than Jharod is.
  • “Kranf Niest”, the nefarious doctor, is clearly derived from “Frankenstein”.
  • Frankenstein — what is that, Franken-stone?
  • Maybe Al Franken knows.
  • Babelfish tells me Franken means “Franconia”.
  • Interesting how a region in Germany shares its name with a stop on the DC metro.
  • Vienna is a metro stop as well.
  • And what’s the deal with Vienna Fingers?
  • Does the city of Vienna actually have anything to do with light-colored cream-filled sandwich cookies, or did they just go with “Vienna” because light-colored sweets seem to automatically imply “vanilla” and “Vienna” sounds kind of like “vanilla” but with more cachet?
  • But then what about Bavarian Fingers? “Bavaria” sure as hell doesn’t sound like “chocolate”.
  • Shapes aside, it’s interesting to note the color sequence: Vienna Finger, Oreo, Bavarian Finger. Like day turning into night.

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