Time to get up (this is the Future Sound)

December 20, 2006

What’s been on my mind recently:

  • I haven’t been able to concentrate properly for months, or possibly even years. I can’t even think properly anymore. It used to be I could think about something for a while, or focus on a difficult concept, or whatever, and there’d often come a “click” of sorts where things began to make more sense, or at the very least I’d have a better idea of just what it was I didn’t understand or was having a hard time grasping. Now it seems whenever I’m on the verge of any understanding or insight, my focus just evaporates or otherwise disappears, and I immediately and uncontrollably start thinking about something—anything—else, and whatever progress I nearly made is lost.

    It’s like I’m a character in “Harrison Bergeron” and I’ve been given one of those ear-insert handicaps.

  • I haven’t slept properly in a while (this may be related to the previous bullet point). The two hardest parts of my day have always been getting up and going to bed, and I’ve never been good at either one. While I haven’t gotten any better at going to bed, I have tragically gained the ability to rather consistently force myself into a reasonable facsimile of wakefulness at (for me) an insanely early hour. Net result being, of course, that my overall amount of sleep is way down. And the sleep I have been getting is pretty fitful. And I don’t even catch up on weekends.

    There’s this old Life In Hell strip where in the first 15 panels—when he’s getting up, going to work, working, etc.—Binky is bleary-eyed and half-asleep, and then the last panel shows him lying in bed with his eyes wide open.

  • Washington, D.C.’s hockey team is, appropriately enough, named in recognition of the fact that the District of Columbia is the seat of the government of the United States of America. But the team’s logo prominently features a stylized rendition of the building in which the legislative branch of the said government convenes. Granted the building in question is located within the city in question and is an extremely famous landmark, but goddamnit if your team is called the Capitals (with an ‘a’) it seems tremendously thoughtless and/or cruel to put the Capitol (with an ‘o’) in the team logo and encourage people to confound those homophones.
  • The Verizon Center has an honest-to-goodness organ player to liven up sporting events. I thought those went extinct a while ago, and I’m glad to learn I was wrong. The Verizon Center also seems to enjoy playing Muse recordings to liven up sporting events. I guess they don’t want to overwork the organ player.
  • I’m afraid of something—it’s the only explanation I can think of—but I don’t know what it is.
  • I like Dr Cameron when she’s angry.

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