Recursive dreaming

August 9, 2007

I’ve had this recurring dream, or perhaps more of a recurring setpiece, that’s never exactly the same but always involves some kind of trek through a gargantuan and entirely disorganized library, really more just a building full of books than a library in any meaningful sense. The architecture is always vaguely forbidding with a sense of former glory — the kind of thing that wouldn’t look out of place on some kind of Very Prestigious University campus — with lots of coffered ceilings and magnificent staircases, and walnut paneling everywhere. And, of course, books all over the goddamn place, with not a shelf or a card catalog to be found. Books in every nook and cranny, books filling corridors almost to the ceiling so you have to climb up the pile and crawl across if you want to get through, books of every shape and description. Sometimes the point of being there is to try and find one particular volume, other times it’s just to get out the other side of the building, but in every case it’s more about the journey than the destination — going through, over, around, under, past these enormous stacks of books.

Anyway, last night it showed up again, and I mentioned to somebody in the dream that it reminded me of a recurring dream I get.

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  • RP says:

    Sorry to enter your post off the topic.

    I found this link via Slashdot under the name Rabiteman. Are you by any chance the very same Rabiteman that remixed/remade Junko Tamiya’s “Bionic March” from Bionic Commando?

    If so, I have a question for you.
    If not I appologise in advance for invading your topic.

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