I’ll Be Around

November 1, 2007

Time for an idiotlist.

  • I need to get some earplugs. It was a great show, but my ears still haven’t recovered from it. My high-frequency hearing, in particular, is markedly worse than it was this time yesterday.
  • If your band is called the Young Criminals’ Starvation League, it’s incredibly appropriate (and hilarious) when you and the drummer come out with stockings pulled over your heads. It’s also quite impressive that when you sing four songs through the stocking before finally getting sick of it.
  • Speaking of costumes, and Halloween, seeing the keyboard player wearing a cardboard Washington monument was great on its own—but when he briefly played “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” between songs at one point, it was magnificent.
  • I ordered the same drink three times, and was served by a different bartender each time (all of them at the stage-right bar). The first time it cost $5, the second time it cost $7, and the third time it cost $10. The third one was the best value of the bunch.
  • Strange, but perhaps not unexpected, that I do better and feel better after going out and getting home late and tipsy than I do after a restful evening and a full night’s rest. No use in fighting it, I suppose.

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  • Aili says:

    Morrissey came out in a tuxedo. The rest of his band came out in matching loincloths, with messages written in permanent marker on their chests and backs.

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