May 7, 2008

Again, none of these seemed to justify an individual post:

  • As much as I’m opposed to the “Economic Stimulus Payments” as a policy decision—which is severely—I will confess that I’m giddy with the anticipation of getting my $600 check. I know full well that it’s not free money, and in fact I think Americans are actually undertaxed. But I already have my heart set on buying something to stimulate the economy. (I’ll be the German economy I’m stimulating, but at least that’s better than stimulating the Chinese economy, right?) And so it is that I’m somewhat miffed to learn that it will be weeks before I see a dime.
  • At 3:30 A.M. today, I was awoken by the pungent smell of cabbage. I gleefully went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water, then tasted the concoction I’d left cooking in the Crock-Potâ„¢ brand slow cooker. It was absolutely delicious. Being an idiot, I then went back to bed, leaving the Crock-Potâ„¢ plugged in and turned on. By morning the concoction had become a disgusting, inedible mess. I’ll chalk this one up as a learning experience, and I’ll try to remember to pick up another jar of sauerkraut on my way home so I can try again.
  • So it turns out that my favorite cafeteria cashier lady is Ethiopian. I’m going to look up how to say “Thank you” in Amharic.

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